Security Management Automation

define security programs
communicate throughout the enterprise
integrate into normal operations

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flexible methodology
modern web application
solid technical foundation

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permissive license with source
respectful recognition it’s your content
economical < 1FTE per site first 2 years

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support any security program
relate to any industry
tailored approach to security

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learn your security program
understand within context
improve security operations

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language you speak
format data to your norms
content required where you are

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perceptive of potential for automation
determined to market radical solution
leader in security management

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Partners & Clients

integrators deploy and use
service providers manage solution
users redefine security management

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phone real people
email questions and issues
web-based support portal

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Cmplid is a Security Management Automation solution, that helps you document and explain what you’re doing for your Cyber Security Program and what you need to do, while keeping it all consistent within an enterprise available database.

Designed to provide ongoing assistance to organizations in implementing, assessing, and managing their security programs.

cmplid:// is the first of its kind Security Management Automation solution.

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About cmplid://

Richard Dahl founded cmplid:// Inc. in 2014 after over twenty years providing technical security services. The compliance daemon was initially developed as a simple assessment tool in the summer of 2001. It was designed to assist him in the consulting services he was providing. It soon became clear that the methodology it supports, Unified Security Management (USM), as well as the capabilities it provided could fill a gap within the security solutions space; a user-friendly, effective, and efficient security management tool that was useful from initial installation.