cmplid:// goes international!

cmplid:// is now being used by a large professional services firm in Japan to assist in the development of the cyber security program for a nuclear plant operator there.  The cyber security program is being designed to protect against plausible “attack scenarios” and is based on the guidance in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Nuclear Security Series No. 17: Computer Security at Nuclear Facilities.  We are extremely excited about this opportunity, which presents a significantly different use-case for cmplid://,

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cmplid:// installed at first customer

cmplid:// began the data-import process for our first customer the week of January 11th, 2016.  They have already completed a large number of Direct CDA assessments and that information will be imported into cmplid:// for historical record.  Additionally, we began the planning for the import of all CDAs and other resources within scope and new assessment logic for the NEI 13-10 described CDA types (Indirect, EP, BOP).  Moving from spreadsheet based analysis to cmplid://’s native analysis engine provides significant opportunities to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of managing the security program. 

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