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New Logic Visualization Feature in cmplid://

We have just released a new set of features in cmplid:// designed to assist users with better understanding the control application logic their cyber security programs implement.  One of those features is the visualization of the logic network configured within cmplid://.  This image shows a very high-level view of the Attributes and their values relevant to a nuclear cyber security program implementing NEI 08-09 or NRC RG 5.71.  This type of visualization can be extremely helpful throughout the plant modification process, assisting engineering personnel responsible for plant modifications understand the characteristics of digital devices that may impact cyber security.

One of the great things about cmplid://’s visualization capabilities, is its flexibility.  Different views can be used to best represent the data and there are a number of objects that can be viewed within the diagrams.  The following view is a close-up of part of the first view, but laid out as a hierarchical tree rather than a network:

Additionally, views can incorporate different database objects:

We are very excited about this new feature, if you’d like to learn more reach out to us here.