perceptive of potential for automation

The compliance daemon was always developed to fill a gap within the security technology space; a user-friendly, effective, and efficient automation solution that could integrate security management into everyday operations.

determined to market radical solution

cmplid:// is radically different from anything else on the market. It was developed over a period spanning almost 6 years, and based on concepts developed in other solutions for 10 years before that. Throughout the development process it was extensively tested in support of relevant, real world security consulting services.

cmplid:// may be new to the market, but it has a pedigree of over 16 years of seeking the best in security management automation.

leaders in security management

The founder of cmplid:// inc., Richard Dahl, has over 23 years expertise in cyber security. He is often asked to speak at industry conferences, he has been interviewed by prominent trade publications, provided training seminars for industry leaders, and developed and delivered a number of white papers and other publications on cyber security topics.

Richard’s expertise is significant and wide ranging and that is one of the things that makes cmplid:// so special, it was designed and built by someone with a real understanding of the problems it solves.

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