Partners & Clients

integrators deploy and use

cmplid:// inc. has partnered with services organizations that get it. Our partners are not interested in billing the most services possible, they wouldn’t partner with us if that were true. The efficiencies provided by cmplid:// reduce the time, effort, and personnel required to perform any of the tasks it supports. Our integration partners recognize that this is a significant differentiator and the advantages of using cmplid:// significantly outweigh the many extra hours required through manual processes.

service providers manage solutions

cmplid:// is currently in discussion with a number of organizations interested in providing a hosted solution to end-users who do not have significant in-house IT services. Those organizations who do not currently manage their own IT infrastructure may find the limited but real administrative functions of a db driven enterprise application (backups, upgrades, user administration, etc…) too cost prohibitive to provide internally.

users manage security

End-users realize significant cost, time, and effort savings through the security management automation capabilities provided by cmplid://. Defining, documenting, communicating, and consuming the information within cmplid:// provides ample opportunities to streamline security operations and the low total cost of ownership will provide large returns on the investment in a short timeframe.

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