Security Management Automation

explain your security programs

A core capability of cmplid:// is its native analysis engine which allows granular documentation of the interrogatives of the security programs analyzed: who, what, where, when, how, & why. Front loaded content development, combined with robust change tracking and the simple and consistent interface allow for a great balance of speed and accuracy of the analysis.

communicate throughout the enterprise

The analysis documented is available to all relevant personnel throughout an end-users organization. The easy to mange role based access control method models the organization’s users to make management of access to the data and task assignment consistent with the organization’s structure.

integrate into everyday operations

cmplid:// was designed from the start to become a part of the normal day to day activities for all personnel with responsibilities for managing resources within scope of the security programs. This integration significantly improves the security management process. Documentation of compliance, risk, configuration, and vulnerability management tasks is created by the responsible parties as the work is being done.  This significantly reduces the effort required to prepare for internal or external audits and provides information about potential issues in near-real time.

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