flexible methodology

The Unified Security Management (USM) methodology describes the normal tasks performed to manage security programs. The flexibility of the USM provides high level guidance of the processes while allowing for end-user specific implementation.

cmplid:// is not a complicated framework that requires end-users to design and develop desired functionality, it is useful from the moment installed.

cmplid:// currently provides automation capabilities for the following security operations:

Compliance Management
Ensures the security posture is in-place

Risk Management
Ensures the security posture is appropriate

Vulnerability Management
Ensures the security posture is functioning

Configuration Management
Ensures the security posture is maintained

Governance Management
Ensures the security program is managed

Additionally, automation for Documentation Management is in development, which will ensure the security posture is addressed.

modern web application

The interface was designed to be easy to use, developed with familiar web elements, and implemented in a consistent manner. The mechanics are easy to learn and the interface contains an integrated help system that provides detailed explanations of all widgets and database objects.

solid technical foundation

The technologies used to develop cmplid:// are some of the most powerful and popular open source web development tools in use today.

Python language

web framework django


Microsoft SQL Server 2014

jQuery javascript library
jQuery-ui interface elements

cmplid:// can be deployed as a turn-key linux based virtual appliance or installed directly on end-user servers (various linux distributions or Windows 2012 Server or later).

Additionally, cmplid:// Inc. is working with potential partners to provide a managed service to end-users without the need for an internally hosted solution.

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