permissive license with source

The perpetual license provided to end-users allows complete access to the cmplid:// source code. Additionally, cmplid:// is built using a modular structure. These two factors combine to enable end-users to create their own functionality. That functionality can be added without impacting the normal cmplid:// functionality or voiding the support agreement.

respectful recognition it’s your content

It’s your information. We feel privileged to be trusted to provide such an important part of security management and we strive to reward end-user loyalty through continually maintaining and improving cmplid://. There are many additional features we are working on and we think end-users will continue to use cmplid:// due to the promise of the future and their experience in the past.

We are not interested in holding end-users hostage to our solution by making it difficult or impossible to access the data outside our interface. There are powerful import and export utilities customizable with standard python scripting, one of the most popular languages for the manipulation of data. Access to all of the data is also always possible through the database directly as all relationships are native database relationships.

economical < 1FTE per site first 2 years

cmplid:// is a bargain.

List price for single nuclear power plant is $200,000 for a perpetual license.
Additional plants managed by the same end-user are $100,000.
Enterprise licenses (allowing use for an unlimited number of plants) can be purchased for $850,000.

Annual support and maintenance, which includes all updates and all new functionality, is 20% of the License cost. Maintenance updates (bug fix, minor enhancements, etc…) are free during the 1 year warranty included in the license cost.

Implementation, assistance with data import, and training is usually around $20,000, depending on needs.

Early adopters can expect significant savings from the above prices, but only for a limited time.

Contact cmplid:// inc. to learn more, partner with us, buy a license, or schedule a demo.